Shut Off the Device

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Computers are essential in every area of our lives these days. Between our laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and televisions, it seems screens and devices dominate our lives.

When it comes to human health though, it seems that spending too much of our time in front of a screen can have an adverse effect on us. How? Via your sleeping patterns, that’s how. Let us break this down for you.

Our pineal gland creates a hormone called melatonin to help us fall asleep. When we stay up in bed reading via a tablet or binging the newest season of our favorite internet series, we are tricking our pineal gland into believing that the sun is still up. This limits the amount of melatonin produced when you need it the most which can result in insomnia.

Shut off the device

Sure, we need our devices for our work and play, there is no avoiding it. But, it would be good to put them down and look around once in a while. Not only would our sleeping patterns improve, but your outlook on life might also shift to a more positive direction.

Here are some ways you can step away from the screen, take a break from it all and embrace a more natural approach to manage sleep.

Take a Nap

This tried and right remedy for “getting away from it all” might be just what you are looking for. According to the National Sleep Foundation, just taking 20 minutes in the afternoon can improve your level of alertness, elevate your mood, and help raise your performance level.

They even suggest three different types of napping. The naps that you plan a night, you are required to stay up late. There are emergency naps when you feel groggy and can’t continue with the project you are working on. Finally, there are habitual naps, which are set daily and typically used with children and the elderly. Whatever sounds best to you, give it a try.

Try not to get more than 20-30 minutes otherwise; you may wake up feeling sluggish and make sure you are in a comfortable bed or sofa. For extra ease grab a pillow that will meet your needs like the Purple Pillow, which can make a difference in the level of comfort you experience while sleeping.

Go For A  Walk

When it seems like the screen time is hitting into overtime then maybe it would be a good idea to talk a walk. The best thing about a walk is all that’s required are some good shoes, tolerable weather, and a path. Just how much a short walk every day can benefit your physical and mental well being is astronomical.

Short walks can improve your mental state since one twenty minutes daily can reduce any anger or hostility you might be feeling. You will burn calories daily, which can help with your heart health and reduce your risk of getting a chronic disease like diabetes. Walking is good fo us all around so the next time you feel the devices are weighing you down just walk away.

Hit the Gym

The benefits of regular exercise are indisputable. Your challenge is to get your workout without the use of your devices. Of course, this will be difficult if you are used to using your phone to stream music or your gym is filled with televisions. So, if you have to look at a screen once in a while when you look up from the treadmill that’s fine. As for your music, the idea is to stop looking at the screen so once the tunes are on, put the smartphone somewhere that is away from your gaze.

The Center For Disease Control reports that a regular exercise routine will reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes it can also help lessen your risk of certain cancers. It will increase your lifespan, help you shed those pounds, and give you the mental clarity you have been looking for.

Take a Hike

The other walks we talked about covered the path near your office or the blocks around your house, but, if you are looking to detach, a great way to do it is alone. There are trails everywhere just waiting to feel the weight of your footsteps. Going over the benefits would just be redundant at this point since they are same as the ones you get from walking or other forms of exercise.

When nature surrounds you, there is a moment to reconnect and forget the spreadsheets, emails, and latest technology. Just don’t leave your smartphone at home or in the car, in case you get lost, you might need it.


Devices are a necessity that is impossible to avoid if we want to get anywhere in this world. Stepping away from the screen once in a while will be a daily benefit, and the positives will be life-lasting.

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