Romaco Kilian at the INTERPHEX JAPAN 2014

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At the INTERPHEX JAPAN 2014 Romaco Kilian will be presenting the new KTP 420X high speed tablet press featuring the patented in-line CWC scales. The latest machine generation was especially developed for application in the pharmaceutical industry.

The new Kilian KTP 420X high speed tablet press will be the highlight of Romaco’s presence at the INTERPHEX JAPAN 2014. This latest machine series, concepted for use in the pharmaceutical industry, has already won the prestigious iF Award 2014 for innovative design. KTP 420X was first presented at the Interpack 2014 in Dusseldorf (Germany). Thanks to its high availability levels for production, low maintenance and spare part costs as well as its simple handling, the KTP 420X has already been sold to two global pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Continuous weight control with no product loss

Romaco Kilian is the first tablet press manufacturer worldwide to offer in-line Continuous Weight Control (CWC). This patented measuring system allows the continuous and in-line weighing of a tablet being produced without destroying it. The scale is integrated into the tablet chute. The weighed tablet is then returned into the “good” channel using compressed air. There is no need for tablet sampling in order to check the weight and therefore there is no product loss – a great advantage, especially for companies that use expensive raw materials. This fully automatic system measures one tablet per turn of the rotor with an accuracy of 0.1 milligrams.


Assuming an output of 200,000 tablets an hour and a total batch size of one million tablets, there are an average of 300 waste tablets if the weight is checked in the traditional way using samples. Only 0.03 percent of this batch is actually checked and the user has to wait twenty minutes for information on the current tablet weight. With the CWC solution from Romaco Kilian, on the other hand, there is no product loss whatsoever. The weight of 22,200 tablets – equivalent to 2.22 percent of the complete batch – is physically checked. The operator is only without information on the current tablet weight for 0.8 seconds – hardly time to bat an eyelid.

The CWC system is fully integrated in the PLC and touch panel. The results of the measurements can be leveraged directly to control the machine and improve the reliability of the process. Furthermore, CWC is easy to dismantle and clean (it is machine washable!). It can be supplied as an option for all models in the KTP 420X and KTP 720X series and will in future also be available as a retrofit kit.

Maximum output, minimal wear

The Romaco Kilian KTP 420X is a versatile, high speed tablet press that compresses up to 360,000 tablets an hour absolutely reliably. It is ideal for the production of mono-layer, bi-layer or core tablets (Tab-in-Tab), and it can also be used to compress poorly flowing materials. The wear-free torque motor, extremely durable compression rollers and wear-free patented lower punch brake magnets underlie the very low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The likewise patented punch bellows protect the tablets from lubricants. Due to the hermetic separation of the compaction and service areas, no product or oil gets into the machine compartment of the press. The optimised hygienic design permits quick and easy cleaning. Operating and maintenance staff additionally profit from the reduction in press noise. In response to customer feedback, the machine’s Windows 7 based GUI was developed with swipe functionality that makes the new KTP 420X even more user friendly.

The Kilian KTP 420X will be on show at the INTERPHEX JAPAN 2014 in Tokyo from the 2nd to the 4th July 2014, as part of the Mutual Corp. stand (Hall East 5, trade stand 32-42).

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