New Sales Director at Romaco Pharmatechnik GmbH

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Volker Brück has been appointed new Sales Director of Karlsruhe (Germany) based Romaco Pharmatechnik GmbH. He will in future be responsible for marketing the Romaco Noack and Romaco Siebler product lines.

Volker Brück (aged 51) took over as new Sales Director of Karlsruhe (Germany) based Romaco Pharmatechnik GmbH in July 2019. He is responsible in his new role for international marketing of the single-source supplier’s Romaco Noack and Romaco Siebler product lines, including blister, strip and rigid tube filling solutions which are designed, assembled and commercially supported at the Romaco facility in Karlsruhe.

Volker Brück was born and bred in Dusseldorf. After graduating in economics and business administration from the Universities of Bonn and Duisburg, he embarked on a professional career in sales at a food manufacturer operating worldwide. He gained significant managerial experience there as VP Sales & Marketing and spent eight years as a Member of the Board before founding Encotecc GmbH in 2010. From then on, as a self-employed entrepreneur and sales representative, Volker Brück advised European and North American producers of packaging materials and technology. Prior to joining Romaco, he coordinated the development and market launch of a new filter paper for tea bags on behalf of a US paper group, amongst other things setting up a global network of agents.

“We particularly value Mr. Brück’s practical experience and cosmopolitan outlook”, emphasised Markus Regner, Managing Director Romaco Pharmatechnik GmbH. “He has worked in the industry for many years now and is very open to new ideas. His drive and enthusiasm inspire those around him and his knowledge of the market is immense. As a former professional handball player, he has tremendous willpower and team spirit – exactly what Romaco needs to be a strong contender in the international league table.”

“Romaco has grown at a rapid pace over the last few years and come a long way from where the company began. It’s a process that is still ongoing and leaves me plenty of margin for play”, commented Volker Brück, Sales Director Romaco Pharmatechnik GmbH. “I’m very much looking forward to becoming proactively involved in Romaco’s realignment in my new position. On the sales side, my prime goal will be to put our hidden champion qualities into the spotlight, in other words harness our forces effectively and expand the Romaco brand’s global reach.”

Romaco Group

Romaco is a leading international supplier of processing and packaging equipment specialising in engineering technologies for pharmaceutical solids. The group provides individual machines and turnkey solutions for manufacturing and packing powders, granulates, pellets, tablets, capsules, syringes and medical devices. Romaco also serves the food and chemical industries.

The Romaco Group has its headquarters in Karlsruhe (Germany) and is part of the Truking Group, a globally operating high-tech enterprise based in Changsha (China). Truking’s core competency is handling and filling pharmaceutical liquids.

Romaco operates from four European business sites, with a broad portfolio comprised of six established product brands. Noack and Siebler (Karlsruhe, Germany) supply blister, heat-sealing and rigid tube filling machines. Macofar (Bologna, Italy) markets technologies for filling sterile and non-sterile powders and liquids. Promatic (also Bologna, Italy) specializes in cartoners, track & trace systems and case packers. Kilian (Cologne, Germany) offers compression solutions for tableting while Innojet (Steinen, Germany) is an innovation leader for granulation and coating.

More than 650 highly skilled and committed Romaco employees are dedicated to the development of future product technologies and to the continuous implementation of internal improvement processes. Romaco’s multi-brand system solutions are sold worldwide through six Sales & Service Centres and a dense network of local agent organisations. Over 12,000 installations delivered by Romaco are currently in use in more than 180 different countries.

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