Romaco at CIPM 2021 in Chengdu, China

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The right solution for every process step

Karlsruhe/Germany, Romaco will take advantage of the upcoming CIPM 2021 (61st China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition) to show its newest technologies for manufacturing and packing oral solids. From granulation, tableting and coating to packing into blisters and cartons, Romaco has the right solution for every process step.

VENTILUS® Lab fluid bed processor from Romaco Innojet

Designed for laboratory-scale applications, the VENTILUS® Lab fluid bed processor from Romaco Innojet is used for granulating, drying and coating particle sizes from 10 μm to 2 mm. This multipurpose lab unit produces batches from 0.7 to 7.0 litres in size. Due to the enhanced processing efficiency inside the cylindrical product container, the VENTILUS® Lab allows up to 25 percent shorter batch processing times and hence much lower power consumption. The process air is introduced through the ORBITER® booster plate, which ensures homogeneous flow conditions and extremely gentle intermixing of the materials. In combination with the ROTOJET®, the central bottom spray nozzle, the ORBITER® booster forms an unique functional unit enabling simple scale-up. Thanks to the innovative fluid bed components invented by Dr. h. c. Herbert Hüttlin, the product movement inside the process container can be accurately controlled. The spray liquid is consequently applied very precisely, so that formulations achieving the modified release profile are possible using 10 to 15 percent less material. The targeted reduction in spray liquid and power consumption means the VENTILUS® Lab also results in substantially fewer carbon dioxide emissions from fluid bed processes. Furthermore, the rotating SEPAJET® filter system minimises product loss by preventing any particles retained by the filter from being discharged from the process.

S 710 Prime double-sided rotary press from Romaco Kilian

The high-productivity S 710 Prime double-sided rotary press from Romaco Kilian is suitable for both mono-layer and bi-layer mode. The technology is ideal for compressing effervescent tablets and can easily be connected to a downstream packaging line if required. With a maximum output of 1,020,000 tablets per hour, the S 710 Prime is classed as a high speed press for manufacturing pharmaceutical, food and chemical products. It is an economical tablet press that convinces with excellent value for money and high overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) – the outcome of fast product changes, short cleaning times and long maintenance intervals. For example, durable pressure rollers result in significantly lower costs for maintenance. Owing to the interchangeable die-table, the Kilian S 710 Prime is very flexible. The proven fill shoe design and asymmetrical hoppers improve the product flow, so that the technology is similarly perfect for processing powders with poor flow properties. Furthermore, the wear-free brake magnet technology restricts the relative standard deviation during tableting to a minimum ensuring high product quality. The combination of precision-manufactured die-tables with hardly any radial run-out and the Kilian S 710 Prime’s magnetic product scrapers moreover enables a systematic reduction in product loss.

TP R LAB tablet coater from Romaco Tecpharm

The TP R LAB is Romaco Tecpharm’s versatile tablet coater for pilot-scale production. The perforated coating pan applies aqueous or organic coatings (special performance) to tablets or pellets. This compact machine ships with two interchangeable drums for processing any batch size from 0.5 to 2 kg. A drum with a special design can also be supplied for coating pellets. Mounted on a wheeled frame, this tablet coater “made in Europe” is very easy to install and put into operation since all elements are accommodated inside the mobile structure. The GMP-compliant technology is equally suited for both product development and pilot-scale batch manufacturing. Valuable information can be obtained in this way prior to industrial production. The fact that process data is continuously recorded simplifies subsequent scale-ups. The machine keeps a constant watch on all of the following parameters: inlet and exhaust air flow, inlet and exhaust air temperature, tablet temperature during the process and turning speed of the pan drum. It also monitors the application of the spray liquid, which is supplied by a peristaltic pump and sprayed into the tablet bed via Schlick nozzles. The tailor-made software implemented for operating the TP R LAB is visualised on an intuitive HMI. All over the world, manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries put their trust in Romaco Tecpharm’s LAB tablet coater.

Unity 600 blister packaging line from Romaco Noack

The compact Unity 600 blister packaging line from Romaco Noack is a high speed machine for packing medium to large batch sizes. The integrated monobloc transfer solution passes the blisters from the die-cutter to the cartoner and was specifically designed for formats arranged crosswise to the running direction. The modular system, consisting of a blister machine with rotary sealing and a continuous motion cartoner, achieves a maximum output of 600 blisters and 400 cartons per minute. The Premium line of the Noack 950 product family can be configured with various feeding units and impresses with an extremely small footprint in the cleanroom for the primary packaging. Reproducible parameters, lightweight format parts and simple settings speed up format and product changes. Very good OEE values, low running costs and a wide range of applications are further arguments in favour of Romaco Noack’s Unity 600. This easy-to-operate machine also ships with RFID-assisted user identification. A service display in the HMI supports maintenance by providing an automatic reminder of the next recommended inspection. If necessary, the blister packaging line can be combined with different cartoners as well as track & trace systems and final packaging solutions from Romaco. The Romaco Noack Unity 600 is additionally available in a carbon-neutral version on request.

On show at CIPM China in Chengdu from 2 to 4 November 2021 (Hall #10, Booth 10-39).

About the Romaco Group:

Romaco is a leading international supplier of processing and packaging equipment specialising in engineering technologies for pharmaceutical solids. The Romaco Group provides individual machines, lines and turnkey solutions for manufacturing and packing powders, granulates, pellets, tablets, capsules, syringes and medical devices. The company also serves the food and chemical industries. Through its various technologies, Romaco is committed to sustainable production and to systematically reducing CO2 emissions.

The Romaco Group has its headquarters in Karlsruhe (Germany) and is part of the Truking Group, a globally operating high-tech enterprise based in Changsha (China). Truking’s core competency is handling and filling pharmaceutical liquids.

Romaco operates from five European business sites with a broad portfolio comprised of seven established product brands. Noack and Siebler (Karlsruhe, Germany) supply blister, heat-sealing and rigid tube filling machines. Macofar (Bologna, Italy) markets technologies for filling sterile and non-sterile powders and liquids. Promatic (also Bologna, Italy) specializes in cartoners, track & trace systems and case packers. Kilian (Cologne, Germany) is a leading manufacturer of tablet presses. Innojet (Steinen, Germany) is in the business of granulating and coating fine solid particles. Tecpharm (Barcelona, Spain) offers tablet coating technologies.

More than 800 highly skilled and committed Romaco employees are dedicated to the development of future product technologies and to the continuous implementation of internal improvement processes. Romaco’s multi-brand system solutions are sold worldwide through eight Sales & Service Centres and a dense network of local agent organisations. Over 12,000 installations delivered by Romaco are currently in use in more than 180 different countries.

For more information about the Romaco Group, visit

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