Interview: Md. Saiful Amin, Plant Director of Biopharma Laboratories Limited.

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[column width=”360px” padding=”20px”]Md. Saiful Amin is the Plant Director of Biopharma Laboratories Limited and also acting as Director of Bio Properties Ltd., Biopharma Agrovet Ltd., Bio Food & Beverage Industries Ltd. and Bio Natures Ltd. He is also an honorable member of Biopharma Foundation.
Born in Luxmipur in an aristocratic Muslim family on January1,1963. He is the son of Late. Mvi. Muzaffar Ahmed and Ambia Khatun. He completed his SSC in 1978 from K M United Academy, Luxmipur, and HSC in 1980 from University Laboratory College, Dhaka. He took his B.Pharm (Hons.) and M. Pharm. Degree from Dhaka University in 1984 and 1985 respectively with excellent academic background.

He is working for a few leading pharmaceutical companies for many years. He joined in Gaco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. in July 1989 as QC Executive. Then he joined in General Pharmaceuticals in July, 1991 as QC in charge. He also served in the Ibn Sina Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. as Senior Executive, Production from April 1993 to March 1999. At last, he joined in Biopharma Laboratories Ltd. in 1999 as production manager and factory incharge; and till now he is here as Director of Plant.

He is trained in ISO, GMP, Environmental Science, Packaging Technology, Manufacturing Technology, QMS, TQM, etc. He participated at many pharma exhibitions and pharma conferences in Dhaka; Haidrabad, Calcutta (India); Shanghai, Shuzu (China); and Bangkok (Thailand).

He visited few countries for pharma machinery acceptance and machine selection, i.e., Hoong A Corporation, Korea for blister machine; Haidrabad, India for Dehumidifier; Indore & Bombay; India for Capsule Machine; China for some Pharma Machinery (Liquid Line, Coating Machine, Auto Counting, Filling & Sealing Machine, R & D Machinery, Coding Machine, Jet Printer).

Bangladesh is very proud for getting such an educated and experienced pharmaceutical professional like Md. Saiful Amin.

Recently interviewed Md. Saiful Amin, Director Plant; Biopharma Lab Ltd.  Excerpts:

PM: Would you please let us know about Biopharma Lab Ltd?
MSA: Biopharma, one of the first growing pharmaceutical companies in BD sailed its journey with the involvement[/column] of a group of physicians, inspired with love for mankind, with innovative mission and global conception. It was established in 1999. For details please visit

PM: Does your company maintain true quality in product manufacturing?
MSA: We strictly try to maintain true product quality by following cGMP, WHO, ISO, SOP and other positive instructions. We maintain up to date Batch Manufacturing Record. In total, we can assure you that our product has higher quality.

PM: How your company maintains the quality of toll-products?
MSA: We assure quality in all steps (from BMR ready to finished product) sharing with the company where we are manufacturing toll products. We visit contractor company frequent time during production.

PM: How many foreign approvals are received by your company?
MSA: Many countries – can not mention the specific name & number of countries.

PM: What measurement do you take to recruit a fresh pharmacy graduate as a pharmacist?
MSA: Result, Smartness, General IQ, Laborious etc.

PM: Are the salaries & benefits you provide to your employees sufficient to lead their life at present economical condition? If not, please explain it.
MSA: Not sufficient. Job seekers should have higher expectation, confidence and quality to avail good salaries. Universities should take initiative to make their students compatible with this competitive era.

PM: Please give some advice to pharmacy students and junior professionals.
MSA: Be attentive to your duty, update your knowledge with latest technology, be laborious, strictly follow Code of Ethics of a Pharmacist, maintain disciplined life, and develop your moral character.

PM: Thank you very much for your valuable sentences.
MSA: Thanks also for their great initiative of highlighting pharma community. Wish your future success! [end_columns]

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