Named Organic Reactions

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Thomas Laue, Andreas Plagens – Named Organic Reactions (2nd edition)

Named reactions still are an important element of organic chemistry, and a thorough knowledge of such reactions is essential for the chemist. The scientific content behind the name is of great importance, and the names themselves are used as short expressions in order to ease spoken as well as written communication in organic chemistry. Furthermore, named reactions are a perfect aid for learning the principles of organic chemistry. This is not only true for the study of chemistry as a major subject, but also when studying chemistry as a minor subject, e.g. for students of biology or pharmaceutics.

 This book—Named Organic Reactions—is not meant to completely replace an organic chemistry textbook. It is rather a reference work on named reactions, which will also be suitable for easy reading and learning, as well as for revision for an exam in organic chemistry. This book deals with about 135 of the most important reactions in organic chemistry; the selection is based on their importance for modern preparative organic chemistry, as well as a modern organic chemistry course.





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