5 Ways To Know If You Need To Start Taking Multivitamins

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For many people, taking multivitamins has become an everyday habit and a part of their daily life. It’s an extension of their routine and their meals. On reverse also, there are still others who haven’t yet gotten in the loop with taking multivitamins. In fact, they don’t think they need it. While it’s true that the best source of your daily nutrients is still from the food that you take, there are telltale signs that the taking in of a multivitamin is necessary.

Here are some of these signs:

1. You’re Becoming More Forgetful

Forgetting things once in a while can happen. No person is perfect, after all. When you’re pressured by stress and time, you may leave your wallet, your keys, or even forget to do an errand or a chore. If this happens pretty frequently, it means that you’re low in Vitamin B12. You’re not getting crazy. When this happens, you need to supplement vitamins that are rich in Vitamin B12.

Else, if you’re not able to address this problem, it can be a sign of a more pressing issue, such as anemia. Vitamins are necessary because the human body doesn’t process or create its sources of Vitamin B12. You have to take it from plant and animal sources. But, when your diet isn’t able to supply this, you need supplements to complete this need.

2. You’re Constantly Eating Processed Food

Fast and processed food has become quite a staple in people’s daily meals. Because it’s so easy to make, it becomes more tempting to cook than to make healthy meals from scratch. The negative thing about this is that the more processed a food is, the unhealthier it becomes. All the other added synthetic chemicals that are added to preserve the food, eat out and take over the otherwise healthy nutrients that are supposed to be in your meals.

If you’re this type of family or person, then you need multivitamins. Even if you don’t feel sick, weak, or forgetful. You may think you have enough nutrients, but the fact is, you might have a vitamin deficiency.

3. You’re Constantly Feeling Down And Weak

Have you been feeling under the weather lately? Even when the climate is bright and sunny, you don’t have the motivation even to go out and get anything done. It’s normal to feel like this once in a while. But, if it gets too frequent, then this might be a sign that you’re deficient in any nutrient. Fatigue is one of the very first symptoms of micronutrient deficiency or other diseases. A negative is that if you continue to live a lifestyle wherein you lack the essential nutrients, you’re putting yourself at earlier and higher risk of getting diseases that could’ve otherwise been avoided.

Constantly feeling ‘blah’ is another sign of iron deficiency. Other telltale signs include:

  • You’re always feeling cold, literally
  • You have unexplained bruises
  • There are white half-moons on your nails, which is a sign that you’re oxygen deficient
  • You have falling hair

4. You’re A Vegan

This section is not to put hate or negativity towards those who have chosen to go vegan. This can be one of the healthiest lifestyle choices when done the right way. Vegetables, beans, and fruits are very rich in healthy nutrients. And, they’re also free from the bad fat that doesn’t do your body any good.

Unfortunately, it’s a reality to accept that you may be lacking in some nutrients that are only found in animals. Eating plant sources alone isn’t sufficient to supply all your healthy meals. Which is also precisely why you shouldn’t decide to go vegan all by yourself. As much as possible, have a nutritionist to help you out. If there is any nutrient that you need that you can’t have from plant sources, then you need to start taking multivitamins. That way, you’re making yourself even healthier.

To start with, here are options of quality men multivitamin supplements for you to try out.

5. You Have Dry And Brittle Nails

Dry and brittle nails can be one of the very first signs that you may be lacking in calcium. You may have noticed this yourself, or your manicurist has been telling you this. Especially for women, pregnant or not, you’re more prone to calcium deficiency. While this doesn’t directly affect you while you’re young, you’ll start feeling its adverse effects as you age, and you haven’t addressed this deficiency. If you don’t like drinking milk to supply your calcium needs, then you need multivitamins.


There’s no better substitute for eating healthy and full meals. But, with the day-to-day demands of stressful work and a busy lifestyle, it’s not always the case that you get to feed yourself with the nutrients that you need. Hence, the need to supplement with multivitamins. When you’re deficient with the nutrients that you need, your health slowly degenerates. If you’re experiencing one or some of these symptoms, then it might be high time for you to start searching for the right multivitamins.

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