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If your digestive system isn’t working well, you won’t absorb all the youth-preserving nutrients you need from food. Keep digestion at optimum levels by building your diet around whole grains and fresh fruit and vegetables and make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Take time to enjoy your meals—enjoyment is key to good digestion.

Stop stressing

Digestion can become less effective if you feel anxious. Whenever stress takes over, stop what you’re doing, close your eyes, empty your brain, and focus on the even flow in and out of your breath. Let this prevent other thoughts from taking over.

Sit down to eat

Allow enough time for eating; sit at a table, and don’t do anything else while you dine. Really enjoy everything you put in your mouth, savoring taste and texture.

Yoga therapy

To extend the front of the body maximizing blood flow to the digestive system and make space for the internal organs try the yoga pose Supta virasana.

Supta virasana: kneel about 1 ft (30 cm) away from a sofa with knees hip-width apart; try to place your bottom on the floor between your feet (pile cushions beneath your bottom until you are comfortable).

When emotions play a part

If you are aware of a link between digestive symptoms and your emotions, consider hypnotherapy. Research suggests this is one of the most effective treatments for any form of irritable bowel syndrome.

Try herbal teas

Drink a cup of camomile, fennel, nettle, or peppermint tea after a meal to aid digestion.

Top homeopathic heartburn remedies

Take these remedies up to three times daily while symptoms are present or for up to two weeks:

• Try Carbo.Veg 30 c for heartburn accompanied by much burping.
• Nux.Vom 30 c helps after eating spicy food or drinking alcohol.
• Take Robinia 30 c for heartburn at night after lying down.


Top homeopathic constipation remedies

• Take alumina 30 c, for constipation resulting from dryness in the bowel.
• Try Nux.Vom 30 c, for frequent ineffectual urges to use the bathroom.
• Use opium 30 c, when there is no urge to go at all or the bowels are completely inactive.

Probiotic yogurt

Start the day with a helping of live natural yogurt to introduce healthy bacteria into your digestive system.

Digestive juice

Blend a small fresh pineapple with an apple, pear, and stick of celery to create a breakfast juice that benefits the digestive system.

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