Tips for College Health and Safety

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The main things parents are worried when their children go to college are health and safety. However, different social and sexual pressures, stress from keeping a balance between friends, classes, work and other things can undermine health. While the stress from having too many course works can be brought to a minimum by using paper writing services, the other pressures can still cause many health problems.

Many students have a question: “How to stay healthy in college?” We have an answer!

Here is a list of health tips for students that can help you to be healthy and safe during your campus life:

  1. Physical activity

Students usually spend plenty of time sitting on the lectures and at home in front of their computers. Having a sedentary life can provoke numerous chronic conditions, such as diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Consider doing sports to be fit and healthy. We recommend you to choose something that can not only help you to stay fit but also is interesting for you. Some of the best options are jogging and running – both of them can be quite fun if you ask your friends to join!

  1. Diet

Do not forget that it is important to eat at least three times a day. In addition, we recommend you to grab some fruits and vegetables from home as snacks. Healthy meals can make you more active and energetic therefore stop eating oily, sugary and salty foods that can be tasty but not healthy at all. Moreover, you can talk with your dietician or health care provider about all the issues you are concerned about and ask him/her about the ways to control your weight. A lot of students have eating disorders (more females than males) such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia and binge-eating disorder. Eat healthy foods regularly to prevent these illnesses! We recommend you to read some additional articles about healthy eating tips for the busy college student.

  1. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

STDs are the diseases that usually diagnosed among people aged 15-24. Some of these diseases can cause long term effects such as infertility, chronic pains, pelvic inflammatory disease and many others.

  1. Sleep

A lot of students think that it is impossible to get enough sleep during their college lives, however, you can manage your day in a way that you will have enough time for everything. Better refuse to go to a night club with your friends and have a long sleep! Lack of sleep can provoke different diseases therefore sleep about 7-9 hours to be healthy. In addition, it is not recommended to eat a lot before going to bed. A good idea is to create a schedule in order to make your body used to the time when you wake up and go to bed.

  1. Bad habits

Getting rid of bad habits is one of the main security tips. Try to avoid using and consuming harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol even if your friends pressure you to have fun with them. In addition, do not smoke to prevent your nails and hair from ruining! Moreover, avoid secondhand smoke because it is as harmful as if you smoke yourself. Binge drinking is highly popular among college students, however, you need to avoid it if you want to be healthy. The most widespread problems that substance use can cause are injuries (both fatal and nonfatal), pregnancies (usually caused by sexual violence) and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

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