Romaco-Press Release: Successful Customer Meet in Hyderabad

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A record-breaking 400 guests turned up at the Customer Meet to witness the official opening of the Romaco Sales & Service Centre in India. Romaco’s new agent on the Indian subcontinent has offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad. This is Romaco and Truking’s first joint facility.

Romaco India hosted a successful Customer Meet in Hyderabad at the beginning of July. The event to mark the official opening of the new Sales & Service Centre there was attended by 400 invited guests from the pharmaceutical industry. The joint branch will enable Romaco and Truking, its Chinese parent company, to strengthen their presence in the crucial Indian growth market and indeed throughout the South Asian region. Following a Lighting Lamp Ceremony, Romaco CEO Jörg Pieper introduced the Romaco India team and outlined the strategy for the future. In a series of presentations, interspersed with traditional dance performances, turnkey solutions developed by Romaco specifically for the Indian market were described and demonstrated.

New Sales & Service Centre Romaco India

The new Sales & Service Centre Romaco India Pvt. Ltd. has offices in Mumbai, India’s economic powerhouse, and Hyderabad, the hub of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. The two sites will put Romaco in a strong position on the Indian subcontinent, ideally with a beacon effect right across South Asia and into Northern Africa. Amol Nikam, General Manager of Romaco India with responsibility for customer service, can draw on more than 15 years of professional experience handling machinery and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. He emphasised how important it is for high technology to interact with customer proximity: “Our sales reps and service technicians can be on the spot in less than a day and they speak the local languages. That’s vitally important as a condition of robust, long-term partnerships.” Around 300 Romaco machines are already up and running in India. These versatile engineering solutions are supporting numerous big names and global players in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and chemical industries.

Customer Meet in Hyderabad

At the Customer Meet in Hyderabad, Romaco specialists offered exciting insights into the varied range of products which lie behind the tradition-rich company’s brands. On the processing side these included innovative processing technologies from Romaco Innojet as well as the “Cool, Fast & Clean” system concept for the tablet presses in Romaco Kilian’s KTP X series. The Romaco Noack NBL 400 blister line, which was specially designed to meet the needs of the Asian pharmaceutical markets, and Romaco Macofar’s microdosing solutions for filling sterile powders were highlighted during the packaging presentations. Romaco CEO Jörg Pieper additionally provided information on the “Romaco China Solids Process Centre” in Changsha, which likewise opened only recently in April 2019 and explicitly caters for customers in India too. It is Romaco’s first laboratory outside Europe and equipped with both Innojet and Kilian technologies.

All Romaco brands represented in the Indian market

Romaco India will take care of sales and service for the product lines under all six Romaco brands including customised solutions for processing, tableting and packaging. As a key future market with growth rates of 15 percent per year, it is only logical that the Romaco Group should have a separate branch in India. “Romaco has been operating in India for many years and now finally has a dedicated subsidiary there. That will strengthen our presence in the region, particularly as a single-source supplier for pharmaceutical solids”, Mr. Pieper concluded. Considerable demand exists above all for Romaco’s highly automated solutions. “Indian pharmaceutical companies have always insisted on premium quality”, Mr. Nikam explains. “At the same time, manufacturers are open to innovation and their brand loyalty is extremely high.” Jörg Pieper is confident that the new Sales & Service Centre will be a success: “Amol Nikam has a very well-developed customer service mentality. He’s an experienced specialist for both the pharmaceutical industry and the South-East Asian market.” About a third of all Indian pharmaceuticals are manufactured in Hyderabad, which is why it was chosen by Romaco as the venue for the Customer Meet when the firm opened its new offices.

Romaco Group

Romaco is a leading international supplier of processing and packaging equipment specialising in engineering technologies for pharmaceutical solids. The group provides individual machines and turnkey solutions for manufacturing and packing powders, granulates, pellets, tablets, capsules, syringes and medical devices. Romaco also serves the food and chemical industries.

The Romaco Group has its headquarters in Karlsruhe (Germany) and is part of the Truking Group, a globally operating high-tech enterprise based in Changsha (China). Truking’s core competency is handling and filling pharmaceutical liquids.

Romaco operates from four European business sites, with a broad portfolio comprised of six established product brands. Noack and Siebler (Karlsruhe, Germany) supply blister, heat-sealing and rigid tube filling machines. Macofar (Bologna, Italy) markets technologies for filling sterile and non-sterile powders and liquids. Promatic (also Bologna, Italy) specializes in cartoners, track & trace systems and case packers. Kilian (Cologne, Germany) offers compression solutions for tableting while Innojet (Steinen, Germany) is an innovation leader for granulation and coating.

More than 600 highly skilled and committed Romaco employees are dedicated to the development of future product technologies and to the continuous implementation of internal improvement processes. Romaco’s multi-brand system solutions are sold worldwide through six Sales & Service Centres and a dense network of local agent organisations. Over 12,000 installations delivered by Romaco are currently in use in more than 180 different countries.

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