Telstar Completes two new Plants for Square Pharmaceuticals

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Two new complete pharmaceutical plants for production of oral and parenteral products have been completed for the international Bengali company Square Pharmaceuticals, the largest manufacturer of pharmaceutical products in Bangladesh.


This is the largest global project developed by Telstar in Asia and the company  has been in charge of performing the engineering for both plants and the full project management and the administration and provision of the pharmaceutical architecture and the process equipment and critical installations; managing the coordination of local installers for the remaining installations.

For the first project, the company managed and executed the construction of a plant for the production of oral solids consisting of a four-story building of 32,000 m2 with 7 fluidized bed granulation lines, 11 tablet lines, 4 lines for capsules, and 16 primary and secondary packaging lines, plus a second service building of 1,000 m2. The second project consists of a 20,000 m2 four-story building for production of parenterals in small and large volume formats, including two lines for production in BFS containers with two reactors of 20,000 litres each, a line for production in glass bottles, one for bags, two for vials, two for prefilled syringes, one for lyophilized vials with two freeze-dryers and one topical aerosol production line.

Telstar relied on the support of a Bangladeshi local workforce of more than 100 professionals to work in the development and construction of both plants.  The development and direct control of this highly complex project by one only company has guaranteed fulfilment of the initial requirements and traceability, due to a well-planned programme which covered all phases of the project, from the design and engineering to the supply of materials, the construction, the installation of services and the final commissioning of the plants. The scale and dimension of the two plants, which have been designed and constructed according to the strictest international regulations and in compliance with GMP requirements and guidelines, will augment the growing production potential of pharmaceutical products in the Bangladeshi company, already considered the regional flagship company of the sector.

Advanced simulation technologies in the engineering phase

To develop both facilities, Telstar utilized the building information software (Revit) which enabled the control of the entire life cycle of the building and its installations. This software is part of the BIM (Building Information Modelling) within Telstar’s engineering services; the advanced simulation technologies in the design of pharmaceutical plants providing control over the complete project life cycle.

[wp_ad_camp_4]During the development process of these facilities, the Engineering Department of Telstar reinforced the BIM system through the inclusion of new technologies.  In addition to the building information software, Revit, the BIM system, which is based on the mechanical design at the engineering phase, was complemented by a modelled design software and documentation package of the plants generated by P&ID Intelligent systems linked to a database which covers the construction plans (Autocad, Plant 3D), a software package which manages the entire life cycle of the project and therefore enhances collaboration and management of the entire project documentation (Vault and Revit Server) and a software package which controls the building process and the demolition of an industrial plant, building or infrastructure and incorporates geometry into the life cycle (Microsoft Project) in a complete and manageable digital format (Navisworks). Finally, in the design phase Telstar has also incorporated SchedulePro, a programming tool for resource allocation and management, which, through simulation technology, is used to remodel and optimize the process depending on the specific needs which arise and to detect key routes and decongestion processes, as well as offering planning, programming and capacity analysis functions. This system has advanced conflict resolution, reprogramming and production monitoring functions.

The implementation of BIM (Revit) and Schedule Pro technologies in the engineering phase results in an average saving of 20% in time and costs, by pre-empting hitherto unforeseen issues in the construction process of the plant.

Square Pharmaceuticals

Since 2003, Telstar has collaborated with Square on a number of highly complex projects which involved the development of production installations and plants. Outstanding examples include the new cephalosporin plant built in 2005, the new plant for sterile filling and bottling of pharmaceutical liquids with Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) technology in 2007, the new insulin production plant in 2010 (with the ability to produce up to 13 million vials of insulin per year), the SVPO plant for production of small volume parenterals and ophthalmology products inaugurated in 2008 in Dhaka, and, further, the two newly completed plants for the production of oral and parenteral products.

Square Pharmaceuticals Limited is the largest manufacturer of pharmaceutical products in Bangladesh. The most prominent company of the Square Group since its founding in 1958, it has experienced solid growth leading to its current leadership position in its country and in the Asian continent.

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