How to Save Money When Buying Prescriptions

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Buying prescription medicines can be a substantial financial burden. With prescription medicine cost on the rise in America, every unplanned prescription cost can hurt your pockets.

Prescription Drugs

If you are one of the approximately 48 million Americans without insurance, this can be especially painful. Even with health insurance, it can be a hassle to get the companies to cover specific prescriptions. If you find yourself in this scenario, contact the medical professional immediately that prescribed the medication and have them contact your insurance company.

This is usually the quickest route to agreeing with the companies. Before you have your prescription filled, check out these tips that can save you money. Try one or all of them to help combat rising prescription medicine cost and put extra funds back in your pocket.

Ask for Generic

When you turn in your prescription at the pharmacy, you can ask the pharmacist if there is a generic option. Often the brand name medicines can have a hefty price tag. The generic form is a lot less expensive and just as effective. But always seek the advice of a medical professional.

Have an open conversation with your doctor. While they don’t always know the end cost of the medicines that they prescribe, if they are aware that you are concerned about cost, they can prescribe you a drug that is effective in treating your illness but is known to be less expensive or the generic form.

Check your copay

When cashing out your prescription, ask for the cash price without insurance. Some insurance companies have a higher copay than what the medicine may cost an uninsured person. Always know what your prescription deductible is.

If you do not take medicine on a regular basis and don’t usually hit your deductible, asking for the cash price can potentially be the wiser choice. Make sure to refer to your health insurance policy, read the fine print and take the time to understand all the costs and fees associated with prescription medications. This is especially true when you are subbing a generic form for a brand name.

Shop Online

Check out some legal and authorized online pharmacies pricing. With the rising costs of medicines, a lot of online pharmacies have popped up over the years. These pharmacies have lower overhead and can work on much thinner margins than your local pharmacy or national chain.

You can usually get a good deal and sometimes even less than your local pharmacy delivered to your door. This is a great thing when you are dealing with a recurring monthly prescription that you can have auto-filled and billed. But check multiple sites to see which one has the better deal for the medicines you need.

Manufacturers Coupons

Going to the drug manufacturers website is always a good idea when beginning a medication. It has a wealth of information about how to take their medicine and potential side effects.

Some companies like MiraLAX, offer ways to save on Miralax prescription and rebates occasionally. And many other companies do the same thing. If you can’t find a coupon on a company’s website, a simple google search of the medication can sometimes lead to websites that offer discount codes on the prescription that you need. There are a ton of message boards with discussions about various drugs and where to source them for the best pricing.

Order Quantity

Some pharmacies and manufacturers offer discounts for higher volume orders. Talk with your doctor about your regular medications and see if this could be a possibility for you. If you can order a three-month supply of your prescription, the cost could be considerably lower. And less of a hassle to for you to remember to fill them. Ask the pharmacist if they offer the discount and if not, check online pharmacies for their policies.

Shop Around

Don’t just fill your prescription at the first pharmacy you see or whoever is closest to you. While this may be tempting, especially when you are sick, this is often not the best option. If you are feeling ill and don’t want to drive around, call the different local pharmacies to see what they charge for your medication.


The most important thing you can do when dealing with prescriptions is to stay organized. Keep records of what you pay for prescriptions and actively seek lower pricing.

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