Three Things that You Can Do NOW to Help Counter Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction or ED is a bodily issue that many men experience. Although the vast majority of those who are afflicted are well beyond their 40s, there are young sufferers as well.

ED has a negative impact, not only on the man’s physical well-being but also on his self-esteem, especially if this condition renders them unable to impregnate their partners.

Fortunately, there are many things that can be done to counter ED or at least help promote strong and lasting erections in men. Some of these actions are so easy and fast to execute that those who are willing can start doing them right now. Read on to find out what these are.

Avoid Mouthwashes

Antibacterial mouthwashes have become increasingly popular because they are quick to use and quite effective in eliminating bad breath and other oral issues such as sores. These products do this by killing the odor-causing bacteria in the mouth.

However, some studies show that through their antibacterial functions, mouthwashes also kill the good bacteria in the mouth, or those that help in the body’s processing of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide, by the way, is a molecule that is quite useful in vasodilation or the widening of the blood vessels. Sufficiently widened vessels, of course, allow better blood flow and ultimately help in eradicating issues in functions that depend on blood flow, penile erections included.

Hence, abandoning mouthwash use is going to be a quick fix in this case. If using such products have helped with oral issues, men can very well explore other alternatives, particularly those that don’t meddle with their bedroom functions.

Surely, dentists and other medical professionals can give sound suggestions. If the medical pros recommend treatment that harms the patient or fails to treat properly, legal professionals such as those at can assist patients in filing the appropriate personal injury case.

Relax and Keep Stress at Bay

Stress has been linked to a lot of illnesses and body issues, and ED is one of them. There are experts who believe that in some men, ED is caused by anxiety about their sexual performance and even their looks, which puts them under stress.

We all know what happens when the body is under stress. It directs blood into the limbs so that movement becomes faster. This is perhaps the reason some people who are stressed appear restless. The penis needs a steady blood flow to sustain an erection, and if the blood is being redirected to the limbs, there’s not enough to support this function. After all, having a good time is not how the body is programmed to respond when under stress.

Given all that, it might help if the man is taught to relax and not worry too much about his sexual performance. The process can be long and challenging, but the rewards can be great.


In addition to sculpting the body, exercising also helps ensure great blood flow to important parts of the body, including the penis. Indeed, exercising does wonders for our health, as we know.

When a man suffers from ED, he might think that there is a need to medicate to address it. While taking meds such as sildenafil is an option, it may not be necessary.

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