19 Natural Ways to Beat Anxiety

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Aging means change, whether as a result of emotional loss, physical ailments, or mental decline. And for most of us, change brings anxiety. A Dutch study found that anxiety goes hand in hand with depression as we grow older, with women at greater risk than men. Since anxiety can be a risk factor in many diseases, it pays to conquer it by adopting any natural approaches that work for you.

Prevent panic attacks

Take the homeopathic remedy Aconite 30 c as soon as you start to feel panic rising to prevent it from developing. It is particularly helpful if you feel convinced you are about to die. Don’t feel bad about this experience; it’s more common than you might think!

Meditate on a thought

Think on the following quotation attributed to Mark Twain when anxiety strikes: “I’m an old man, and have known many troubles, but most of them have never happened.”

Money troubles

If you tend to fret about financial security and spend hours studying bank statements and doing frantic calculations, take one dose of the homeopathic remedy Ars.Alb 30 c, file bank statements away, and go and do something enjoyable, and Yes, money is everything, and it makes people stressed out when problems about it strike. Fortunately, there are institutions that are willing to help. For example, you are having a problem with your debt and credit account, and you can’t get the house you want through a mortgage loan, then, there are ways that you can be able to get approved of a loan despite having a bad credit. Click here to know more about it.

Knead putty

Buy yourself a few pots of silly putty—choose an outrageous color. When you feel angry or can’t get a grip on an issue, knead out your tension or throw the putty against a wall. When you can’t stand it any more, throw the putty in the garbage can.

Saddle up

Try horseriding. Horses are considered to be highly responsive to human emotional states and are increasingly used therapeutically. Practitioners suggest that spending time with horses heightens social relationships and promotes teamwork, in addition to fostering emotional growth.

Burn essential oils with aromas that come the mind and restore the spirit.

Burn sandalwood oil

Place 8 drops of this meditation enhancing essential oil in a room vaporizer to calm the mind and rejuvenate the nerves. Enjoy the balsamic woodiness of the scent.

Float away

To experience complete peace, try a session in a flotation tank, which guarantees the luxurious treat of total darkness, stillness, and (if you choose one without whale music) complete silence. Note how much clarity you gain after a session.

Drink camomile tea

Camomile has a sedative, muscle relaxant effect and works on the same part of the brain as antianxiety drugs. Steep tea bags for at least 7 minutes, or use two bags per cup.

Connecting with the breath

When you feel flustered or restless, close your eyes and be aware of the flow of breath in and out. Feel it cool on your upper lip and warm in your nostrils. This calm space for retreat is always there, waiting for you to drop into it.

Driver shrug

At the wheel, lift your shoulders toward your ears. Squeeze tightly then drop on an exhalation. Repeat, then roll your shoulders up, back and down. Reverse the movement.

Bathing in green

Being surrounded by greenery can reduce nervous and muscular tension and promote calm positivity. If you commute to work through the countryside, bathe in the different shades of green. In town, make diversions to spend daylight hours walking through parks.

Boost natural opiates

Boost circulation daily by going for a brisk walk or swim to pump freshly oxygenated blood around your body and fill your brain with natural opiates.

Candle meditation

Light a candle and sit in front of it. When your body feels relaxed and your breathing is calm, begin to stare at the flame. Allow the light to erase thoughts from the present moment. Close your eyes and see your flame of life within. However brightly it’s burning right now, give thanks. When you feel ready to blow out the candle, keep the thought of
the flame within you burning bright.

Anxiety flower remedies

Try 7 drops morning and evening of the following Australian Bush Flower Essences:
• Dog Rose is good for a generally anxious nature, and particularly for anxiety about health.
• Crowea, for inveterate worriers who torment themselves with a thousand little negative “what ifs.”
• Sturt Desert Rose, for those whose anxiety is mixed with guilt about having done the wrong thing.

Cry it out

If you feel like weeping, do: it sheds stress hormones and can make you feel pleasantly emptied and able to start again. Laughter is another natural healer.

Be good enough

It’s enough to be a good-enough mother, boss, lover, employee, or carer. Free yourself from having to achieve perfection all the time. When demands pile up and everyone expects something, do what you can, keeping the perspective that in five years’ time it probably won’t matter.

Come back to the body

Lie on your back with legs stretched out, arms by your side. Close your eyes and visualize all the water within your body. Start to roll slowly onto one side, picturing liquid within each of your cells tipping almost imperceptibly. Continue to roll onto your front, trying not to jolt the water within. Keep rolling to the other side and onto your back again, taking as long as you need, so as not to upset the water. This exercise may take 20 minutes.

Spacious thinking

Close your eyes and look at what image appears when you say the words “empty mind.” If it’s a half-full cup, try to widen your perspective. Imagine sitting on a cliff top watching the horizon, following the line where sea and skymeet. When life feels confined, close your eyes and return to this spacious place.

Daydream downtime

Don’t schedule every minute of the day for achieving stuff. Take time out while commuting, sitting at a desk, or in the park to daydream, staring into space and following wherever your thoughts go.

Lottery reverie

Have a million-dollar moment. Let your brain drift over all the things you’d do if you won the lottery. Travel, do good, live somewhere different. When you come to, ponder how you could make some of those wishes come true.

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