Buying a Mattress to Improve Your Health

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Science has it that a little bit more sleep can improve your memory, prevent some forms of cancer, and make you smarter. With this in mind, can you put a price tag on quality sleep? 

If your answer is NO, it’s evident that you acknowledge the value of purchasing a comfy mattress. But, here you are, grumbling about a neck sprain while you’ve spent a bulk of your life dozing on a shabby bed.

Fortunately, you can still save your blushes. Research affirms that when you sleep more, improving health becomes a matter of when rather than if.

Dive further to establish how investing in the right mattress can change the quality of your health, for the better.

1. New Quality Mattresses Cut Down on Some Conditions

Believe it or not, an old mattress can quickly become an asylum for all kinds of allergy-causing organisms. Ever thought why you grapple for air when you’re in slumber? It is highly likely that dust mites hiding beneath that less-than-ideal mattress may be to blame after all.

A newly-purchased mattress can provide you with allergy-free sleep for years to come. Reinforcing it with a hypoallergenic protector can also evade you from conditions such as:

Weight gain- Studies have indicated that when you don’t get enough sleep, there’s an increase in the quantity of the hunger hormone called ghrelin. This may consequentially lead to an insatiable craving for high-calorie foods.

Fatigue- Do you feel lazy when you’ve barely done a thing in the morning? Well, inadequate sleep is a direct contributor to a sluggish brain. Lack of quality sleep takes a toll on the part of your mind that regulates body speed and accuracy. Eventually, reasoning or retaining basic concepts may become problematic.

Snoring- When the air passage located at the back of your mouth is partly blocked, you may end up snorting. A snoring-free sleep boils down to ample body and head support. Buying a dense mattress not only keeps your spine well-oriented but also distributes the body uniformly, both of which are fundamental factors in preventing snoring.

2. Different Mattresses Are Meant to Suit Personal Needs 

The one-size-fits-all cliché doesn’t apply in the world of mattresses. You may have purchased your current bed solely because you couldn’t afford a better one. But mattresses are customized to enhance an individual’s sleeping requirements, which is a prerequisite for a remedial sleep.

When you head out shopping for a new mattress, consider its level of firmness and your sleeping position. You can also look out for the best mattress types improving sleep. They include:

  • Innerspring– These mattresses utilize a set of coiled springs to provide comfort and support. Therefore, spring count is key when fishing for quality make. Innerspring is best for stomach and back sleepers, and those who are overweight.
  • Memory Foam- They are made from visco-elastic spume and work based on density. Side sleepers and those with chronic back pain will find such mattresses to be GOLD!
  • Latex Foam- Produced from synthetics or sap of rubber, latex mattresses provide bouncy support. They work well for allergy-prone, back pain, and stomach sleepers.

If you can, it’s always advisable to visit a mattress store in person for you to gauge how your preferred mattress performs when you lie on it.

3. A New Mattress is a Proven Stress Reliever

For most people, the bedroom provides the much-needed tranquillity to forget everyday dilemmas. And it is while lying on a rusty mattress that sleep may disappear, paving the way for tossing and turning. You can put such struggles behind you by getting a brand-new mattress.

Investing in a few cosy toppers as well as pillowcases and sheets may also turn your bed into a haven for deep and content slumber. 

4. Quality Sleep Can Boost Your Mental Health

Sleep and mental health are intertwined. That’s why discarding an old mattress for a new one can provide you with adequate comfort and support, all of which can revamp your mental wellbeing. Researchers link poor sleep to a variety of outcomes, right from depression to moodiness to declining quality of life. However, a comfy mattress enables you to gain undisturbed sleep, which will raise your focus, memory sharpness, and general moods.

5. Newly-acquired Mattresses Can Be Valuable for Chronic Disease Patients

If you are ailing from conditions such as hypertension, heart failure, or decubitus ulcers, it is possible to replicate the features of adjustable beds found in hospitals. Most physicians recommend that you purchase a mattress and bolster it with pillows to attain some form of modification.

The Thumb Rules for Mattress Shopping

  • Whenever you’re shopping for a new mattress, try as many surfaces as possible. Ensure that you get a feel of every individual variation on offer.
  • Give yourself ample time to shop. Use at least 20 minutes to lie on a chosen mattress, while tossing now and then to measure its level of support and comfort.
  • If you have a sleeping partner, try out the mattress together. When you adjust your position, does it disturb the other? What’s more, make sure that the mattress’ firmness doesn’t make one of you roll over to the more supple side.


Finding the perfect mattress to suit your comfort and budget can be a tall order. However, take time to look for a custom-fit brand-new mattress, and you can forget about all those days you spent at work feeling sickly. 

Always ensure that you test a mattress before you purchase it. Only transact with legit suppliers to get the best value for money. 

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